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Non-profit Organizations Benefits

A place that you can call home in your local community… A place that could change and impact lives through personal engagement and employment… A place that features and supports non profits, charities and foundations… A place that welcomes old and new friends alike… A place that simply demonstrates and offers the compassion and love that the world has to offer…

  • The nonprofit is able to present a special and unique fundraise project to
    their supporters by becoming a Frankie Beans affiliate and receiving a special fundraising code.
  • The FB café will offer through the non profits, foundations and charities the opportunity to employ their local outreach community tied together with a career and personal development educational platform.
  • The nonprofit through their strategic alliance relationship will receive monthly donations to support their mission work from both the store location and e-commerce sales generated from their supporter base.
  • The non-profit will be featured every month in the FB Café bringing brand awareness and education to the local public for future support.
  • The nonprofit will be able to present monthly event presentations at the Frankie Beans Café.
  • The non-profit will be able to place their collateral and merchandise with the FB café for further branding and revenue.
  • The non-profit will have the option to place a FB café within their campuses or corporate headquarters.
  • The non-profit will have the ability to continue with additional fundraising at their special events which the FB café will cater.