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Trinity Coffee

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Trinity Coffee: The World in a Cup

Dive deep into the divine realm of flavors with Frankie Beans' exclusive "Trinity Coffee". A harmonious blend that interweaves three of the world's most coveted coffee origins - Colombia, Brazil, and Ethiopia, each contributing its unique note to this symphony of taste.

With the resilience and body of a heavy-hitter, the Trinity boasts a body that’s as rich as the cultures it represents. Medium roasted to precision through our cherished Common Grounds Original Blend technique, this coffee elevates your senses, intertwining tradition with innovation.

Let your mornings start with the comforting warmth of cocoa, setting a velvety backdrop for a medley of exquisite flavors. The sweet, vibrant notes of pomegranate whisk you away, while the grounding essence of brown sugar adds depth to every sip. But the journey doesn't stop there; linger a bit longer, and you’ll find hints of creamy toffee, culminating in a nutty almond finish that’s bound to leave a lasting impression.

Trinity Coffee isn’t just a drink; it’s an expedition. Three countries, one cup. Join us in celebrating the best of Columbia, Brazil, and Ethiopia with every brew. Experience the allure of Frankie Beans' Trinity and let the world come to you