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Ethiopia Coffee

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Presenting Frankie Beans' "Zion Limmu Coffee", a coffee that captures the allure and charm of Brazil's Limmu region in each vibrant cup. With its roots firmly planted in this exclusive locale, this blend offers a taste that's as refreshing as the morning sun over Limmu's picturesque landscapes.

Characterized by its vibrant light body, Zion Limmu dances on the palate, capturing the free-spirited essence of its origin. Each bean is tenderly light roasted using our signature Common Grounds method, ensuring that the delicate flavors are preserved and highlighted.

The journey begins with the gentle embrace of chocolate milk, reminiscent of childhood memories and cozy mornings. This then gives way to a burst of fresh berries, reminiscent of a summer's day in Limmu. As the flavors meld, whispers of brown sugar emerge, lending a comforting warmth. And just when you think the experience is complete, a sweet finish lingers, making each sip a moment to cherish.

Zion Limmu Coffee isn't just a drink; it's an ode to Brazil's Limmu region and its unparalleled beauty. Dive into this light-filled experience with Frankie Beans and let the essence of Limmu brighten your day.